The Sun

So you’re outside with your family creating memories and when you get home you rush to get your photos on your computer and as your posting them you realize that they are difficult to see your faces!! What happened you ask yourself looked fine as I was taking them! What has happened is the amount of sun getting into your camera causes your foreground (your subject) to become less important than the light in the background, try to focus on your subject only and use the sun with it behind the photographer instead, attached is a friend where this happened and I did a quick Photoshop touch up


Hope for Humanity

Hope for Humanity

It seems that there may be hope for humanity in Canada.  It’s moving to see the support for the lives that have been completely displaced in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.  Canadians both individuals and enterprise are stepping up and looking after our fellow Canadian both new and old.  After each article that I read it brings droplets to my eyes of joy and sadness.  The brave souls that are trying to contain and defeat “The Beast” as the fire has been dubbed, are heros of a special kind.  So when you are asked to support our very brave and underfunded emergency reposnse organizations please remember how brave these people are and how they risk their lives for complete strangers knowing it could be the last time they see their family.  Share this to spread the word of hope and humanity.  Photo Credit:, Chris Shwarz.

What is f-stop?

Ever wonder what the f number means on your camera and what the heck it does?  Simply put its the amount of light the camera lets in; the lower the number the more light comes in.  Try experimenting with it and see what happens you may be surprised!!!  The image included is a result of a lower number which also plays a role in portraits!


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